We are adding to our NATION!

That sounds weird right? Our nation? Why have we chosen to word it this way?

A prayer that Brandon and I have prayed since before we were married is that of Isaiah 60:22, “The least one shall become a clan, and the smallest one a mighty nation; I am the LORD; in its time I will hasten it.”

It has been our prayer to add to our family through the beautiful process of adoption for many years.  This verse pulls out the smallest, the least and takes them to the mightiest, the largest, a clan, A NATION— BUT, most importantly— in the good and perfect timing of the Father. We are trusting and expecting big things to happen along this journey in our faith, in our marriage, but ultimately in bringing home a precious little baby.

Adoption is God’s plan not ours.  We are only following along in obedience as he has called us.  It has been amazing to see the story of adoption all throughout Scripture as we cling to this calling, even up to the adoption of Jesus by his earthly father, Joseph.  Our prayer is that we would not grow weary through this journey but we would remain hopeful and joyful for what it to come.  Brandon and I are holding fast to Isaiah 60:22.

This blog is a place to allow all of you to jump on board with us. We want you to experience this with us, walk through this with us, cry when we cry, rejoice when we rejoice, wait while we wait.  We pray that through our journey you all will see Jesus a little closer as we exemplify his adoption of us, his sons and daughters.  We pray the Gospel will remain central and Jesus would be glorified through every step!

Now, let’s do our part in faithfulness, in prayer to bring Baby R home!

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