Our current place…it’s a long one but it’s the details you all have been asking for

We are under mounds of paperwork! I mean….MOUNDS! We have plowed through it but are still waiting to get the medical statements signed off and references back! The paperwork has been stressful and even frustrating at some points but we have thankfully made it through (almost). The picture below is a glimpse into what down moments at work and many nights have looked like! But praise God, we are almost through and on the other side of the home study process.

So, yes the home study that many of you have asked about….

We had our first home study visit on Sunday and we felt the prayers that were being said on our behalf. It went so well and our home is signed off and initial interview in the books (guess we are okay people)! Since we are right smack in the middle of this home study process, we are still considered “inactive”, most simply put, we can’t be matched yet. Once we turn this paperwork in and pay another $500 fee we will have 2 more phone interviews! This alone is a blessing that most probably can’t even understand….this going this quickly is not common, but we will roll with it.  We are praying this will all be wrapped up in the next couple of weeks! Once it is complete we will become ACTIVE!! Active = our profile book can begin to be given/shown to birth mothers to decide whether we will be a fit for the baby they are carrying or not!! This is HUGE!

That brings us to the profile book. We have been blessed with a recommendation from an old friend of mine whom is also in the process of adopting through FAC (Faithful Adoption Consultants) with her husband. This book is what the birth mothers will look at to choose a family for the life they are bringing to this world! So, no pressure right?! We are scouring pictures and filling out questionnaires so that Amy (lady making the book) can best represent us and our lives in about 15 pages!!! No pressure, none at all!!! This needs to be ready when we go active so we are in crunch time with gathering and presenting all of this information to Amy. Pray with us that we would be diligent in this and not become overwhelmed. 

We are working on a post about “why adoption”? But in the mean time, we leave with you this final thought…..

Your encouragements really do matter. Your prayers are carrying us. Your simple texts and messages just checking in are pushing us forward! God is certainly do His work in and through us during this process and we are leaning hard into Him as we seek His guidance and His strength. 

2 thoughts on “Our current place…it’s a long one but it’s the details you all have been asking for”

  1. you guys are going to be awesome parents, and I know you will love this baby as if it was your own, so there is no need to worry, God already has the plans written out for the child you will love and help through life. So we know God is in control. This baby will be welcome into our family and know he or she belongs. I can’t wait to meet our new Great niece or nephew, it will be awesome to have this new child as a part of our family and I know he or she will fit right in, and be loved by all of us. We can’t wait. The two of you will make wonderful parents and we will be an awesome great aunt and uncle, and this child not only will make many great memories with it’s nana and pappy, but also will have loving Great Grandparents to love and share it’s life with. We pray everything happens in Gods timing! We love you all.


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