Chugging along (with your help)

Well, friends and family, we are moving right along in this process. I (Brittany) may be drowning a little bit in the paperwork and emails and pictures, but, we are progressing toward that little light at the end of the tunnel. For each of you that have pitched in with a hand, an encouraging word, a prayer —- A THOUSAND THANKS!!!

It is crazy to think about the fact that there is very likely a beautiful momma already carrying the little JOY that we will so soon get to call Baby.  Pray for the birthmother that we will be matched with. We know that God already knows her and loves her and we want to love her well, so also pray for us as we prepare to be matched with her and will get the opportunity to love on her and her baby BIG!  What a beautiful thing to get to be a part of!

We have our last two Home Study interviews (over the phone) this week so that is a HUGE prayer request right now! Pray we answer with wisdom and with our hearts. Pray that God will ultimately be glorified in those discussions and that it will be absolutely evident the love we already have for little Baby R.  All of the Home Study is complete and in but we need this last piece for them to be able to declare us a GO….ready to be ACTIVE (able to begin being matched with potential birthmothers).

We are still working on getting some pictures together for our Profile Book that will be presented to the Birthmother for her to decided if she feels we are a good fit for her precious baby to be in our family, no pressure at all, right?  With this, we could use a photographer friend to maybe donate some of their time to help get a few shots of us one morning or evening.  If anyone is willing or knows someone who might be, please reach out!! We promise coffee, or drink of choice!  This would be a mighty way to help us with the next intimidating step!!! Anyone up for the challenge? šŸ˜‰


We have been able to put out nearly $6000 already because of the sacrifice and love of so many of you guys!! We had some saved and reworked our budget but as we get through each step we have a little “sticker shock” at what its going to cost to keep moving forward, but our families, friends, and even strangers continue to blow us away with generosity! You would think we would learn to trust by now but with each new amount we tend to sit with our jaws dropped, but regardless, we have seen God be so very FAITHFUL through this adventure!! Around $6000 in a few months is HUGE!! Thanks for those that have sacrificed to be able to give, to those that have bought shirts, and to those that have already begun donating for our upcoming yard sale! BLESSING! BLESSING! BLESSING!


We are in the process of filling out Grant Applications from great ministries and the such that have money reserved for adopting families. Pray with us that even one of these would come through! We would love them all but even one would be a blessing.  The Grants range from around $500 to $7500 and everywhere in between, so we just do not know what we might receive from any of these. They are hard to get (think back to filling out college grant applications, if you did that), there are a lot of people applying and only so many Grants rewarded.  So, we ask you join us in praying diligently over these as we fill them out and begin submitting them very soon!

Consider being apart of our journey with a financial gift or by buying one of our shirts (see previous post).  Every single dollar given and raised goes directly to being able to bring Baby R home.  Our prayer is to be able to raise around another $10,000 and we are trusting that God will provide in His good and perfect timing. It’s a BIG number we know, but adoption is expensive (paperwork, legal fees, medical fees, agency fees, travel, etc).  It all adds up!  Your gifts will go directly toward paying for the adoption….nothing else!  Contact us with any questions or to reach out on how your can donate!

Again, we cannot and have not done this without so many of your guys! Your love and support have kept us pressing on! Thank you!! It can be overwhelming and our heads our often spinning but we are singing PRAISES for all that has been accomplished thus far.  Thank you guys! Keep praying…we feel them.

I will leave you with this gem (how we feel throughout this adventure on some days):






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