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Stuck like glue

Ever feel like you are pushing forward so hard but really getting no where? Many days during this process that’s how we feel. We know we are moving forward. We know monies are being raised. We know paperwork is 99% completed. We know the end of this stage is coming to a close. 

But, we are currently stuck and we NEED your prayers! 

Our GBI fingerprinting is not being processed due to something we are not even currently understanding and we are going round and round with the GBI and Cogent trying to get it cleared up. It’s been a couple of weeks and tonight it was hard for me (Brittany) to not allow my frustration to be ALL OVER the email I sent. I wrote and rewrote the email trying to remain graceful and kind but it’s getting harder and harder as this one thing is holding up our home study being able to be processed! Please pray with us that we will get this resolved and quickly! 

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