We see the light!

The end of the long tunnel that is the home study is coming to a glorious end and we see the light!  We turned the last of our paperwork and whatnot in and we are waiting on the state to give us the A-OKAY to go active with Faithful Adoption Consultants.  We would love if you would pray along with us that this is a quick and a smooth approval process. We are so expectant for what the weeks and months ahead hold. Baby R is so much closer to being home with us and we are joyous for that moment!  Here’s a picture from this past week as we dropped the last of our paperwork into the dropbox at the post office (its not the best picture but when you are this excited, who cares)!


Last weekend, a wonderful friend, Caroline Whitehead, BLESSED us with a photo shoot to capture some of those last pictures we needed for our profile book that will be presented to the birth mother.  This has honestly been the most stressful piece to the process so far and we are seeing the light in this being completed as well. There has bee so much pressure to present ourselves well and accurately to the beautiful woman that will choose us to raise her baby.  God has been gracious to allow us to find a wonderful lady to create this book for us to take away some of that pressure! Pray we get the last pictures to her soon and that it is completed in time of us going active so that there is no hold up in being able to be presented to a birth mother.

The next step after getting the approval will be to immediately begin the applications for grants and loans.  We have a list and have begun many of them but must be approved before they can be sent/approved.  We believe God will provide in a  way that we cannot even begin to imagine or ask.  We have been blessed by so many gifts from so many friends and family and we continue to sale shirts as the weeks go on! This has been huge!!! If you feel led to donate, there are PAYPAL links around the website/blog and you click on that button to send a donation. We so appreciate your kindness in helping bring Baby R home through your financial gifts! Continue to pray as we continue to move forward and get so close to being with Baby R!

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