Its been a minute

First off….So So Sorry for the long silence from Brandon and me!  Secondly….this is going to be a longer post so, get comfy, light a fire, grab your coffee, and catch up with where we are on our adoption journey!

Part One: ACTIVE!

Yes, we are finally active. We have been for a few weeks but with everything going on during this season, I have not had a chance to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!! We are active.  What a breath of relief it is to be able to share those words with you all.  It has been a whirlwind of paperwork, interviews, decisions, and more paperwork to get to this point.  What does being ACTIVE mean?  Well, most simply it means we are approved 100% to adopt and are now presenting our profile book to Birthmothers to review and wait for one to choose Brandon and I as the parents of their child…..our child.  Is that not surreal?  Those words, “OUR CHILD”.  What a blessing to be active. We have already presented to about 7 mothers so we wait….and continue presenting to others as we get their situations.

Now that we are active, FAC (Faithful Adoption Consultants) has matched us with one of their consultants, and we LOVE her!  Courtney is always only a phone call or text away when we have a question or concern and she is like having a personal cheerleader through this part of the process.  For domestic adoption, our profile will be shown to birthmothers who will then say yes or no, as stated above, to us being the family that they would like the baby they bring into this world to be parents to.  With FAC being a consulting service and not an agency we will be connected with agencies all over the US. We like this for several reasons but the mostly due to the fact that we get exposure to many more cases than going through a single agency, so in simple words, we can be presented to many more birthmothers!  We are open to many circumstances that others may quickly turn away, so we are praying that the Lord will lead our minds and hearts in clarity to the child he has already chosen so perfectly for us! Please be praying with us as each situation is so different with its own set of unique circumstances.

Part Two: The Nitty Gritty

Over the past several months while we were waiting to go active, we started our fundraising through a few different avenues: t-shirt sales, yard sales, and general donations from friends and families.  Through these fundraisers, we have raised around $4500.  For the beginning of the adoption process, we feel so blessed by this amount!  During this period before going active we also applied for a few grants that we feel we might be able to get.  We have not gotten any word back on these grants yet, but they take time.  We have at least 3 more that we are working on applications for now.

As mentioned in a previous post, adoption is expensive, but we trust God will provide as he has already been doing.  We expect the very minimum cost of our adoption to be $30,000 with a realistic average of around $40,000.  Those are daunting numbers but we believe and know God has a plan for every penny.  Our goal is to raise $20,000 to help in these costs.  That math means we need to raise $15,500 to meet that $20,000 goal!

So what next? We have set up an adoption fund through PureCharity, where friends and family can donate and get a tax receipt, and all of the monies will go directly to the agency so no money passes through our hands—If you would like to give through Charity keep reading about the next fundraiser to find the link!

Along with PureCharity, we will be doing an “Adopt an Envelope Fundraiser.”  We have put up on one of the nursery walls (nursery post coming soon) cards with the numbers 1-200 on them (picture below).  It would be great to do this with physical envelopes that you put your given/raised money in on a wall in our home, but since we interact with the majority of you online, we needed to come up with a digital solution.

So here’s how it’ll work:
Step 1: Join our Facebook Page, here or our Instagram Page, here.
This way, you can follow the progress and see which envelopes are available! We promise to keep it updated as much as possible!

Step 2: Choose an “envelope” that has the cash value you want to give or raise.
– Make sure the envelope you want is not crossed out.
– If the envelope is crossed out, chose multiple envelopes that equal the amount you feel led to give or raise. Example: If you know you want to give or raise $100, you could choose many different envelope combinations to equal the sum of 100.

Step 3: Give or raise cash fast.
– Start your fundraising! We are excited to have you involved in this journey with us. By extending this fundraiser to your co-workers, extended family, roommates, hall-mates, Bible study group, Sunday school class, Mops group, and everyone you know, you give them the opportunity to participate in this beautiful journey of hope for a little baby. So, get creative. Host a bake sale. Skip on eating out for two weeks. Get all your co-workers to give you $10. There are lots of ways to raise these amounts of money fast!
– Donate the cash value of your envelope by:

  1. using Venmo- you can find me by searching my full name
  2. using the “send money” feature on PayPal (use email brittanyrremy@gmail.com)
  3. sending a CHECK to Remy Family (contact me for address)
  4. Donate the amount through PureCharity here and remember this is Tax Deductible!

Step 4: Give yourself a high five and dance around the room because YOU ARE AWESOME and are helping Baby Remy come home!!

Raising this amount of money is CRAZY, but this seems to be a fast and effective way to raise the majority of our adoption expenses fast! Just so you know, this one fundraiser, if completed will raise just over $20,000….our goal…one fundraiser can get us to our goal! Please get on board with us through this awesome opportunity!


Part Three: Our Baby Shower

We were BEYOND BLESSED a few weeks ago by a baby shower thrown by our mothers and my little sister!  Seriously, so blessed! We were surrounded by friends and family that loved on us and gifted us with such lovely things for Baby Remy.  I cannot put into words how thankful we truly are! The nursery is complete, the needs are met, and we are ready to bring Baby Remy home whenever that time comes! Thank you to each of you that loved on us and Baby Remy so well.  And, it was the most beautiful Velveteen Rabbit themed shower ever thrown.  Here’s just a little glimpse of the shower….just look at that cute bunny garland on the wall!IMG_6322.JPG

Part Four: Praying

This part of the process is honestly probably the hardest. This waiting is hard.  Waiting to be chosen, waiting to know…its hard.  We know God will work it out in exactly the right time with the exact baby that will be part of our little family! Your prayers are so appreciated as we continue to wait! If you think of us, pray for us, share our story with others, share our website! We are so happy to have each of you along for this journey! We love how loved Baby Remy already is!

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