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One Month(ish) Matched

If you did not hear/see, we are MATCHED! 16473219_10154120050342687_3000512824842063312_nWe were chosen by precious Mama R on January 20 and it has been the most exciting and in many ways hardest part of the journey yet! On Friday, January 20, 2016 around 3pm I checked my phone at work to see that I had missed a call from Courtney, our consultant through Faithful Adoption Consultants, and a text that read, “Can you call me ASAP”! My heart, as it always does when a call or text from Courtney comes my way, began to race!  Usually with these texts/calls, a mama had already given birth, was soon to give birth, or a toddler was needing placed soon, so I prepared my heart to hear another situation.

I called Courtney back as soon as those words “ASAP” rolled through my lips.  Courtney answered and told me that a mama that was given our profile book the weekend before was wanting to ask us additional questions that she had.  Courtney asked if it would be okay to join Mama R through her agency on a three way call……”YES”!  I was shaking and the nerves set it as I wondered what she would want to know as we waited for her to connect on the call.  Mama R’s social worker introduced herself and let us know that she and Mama R were on the line and that Mama R was ready to ask us what she needed to know.  Mama R quietly asked, “Brittany, would you like to be the mama to my baby?”



With what I could muster to come out, I answered Mama R with a resounding “YES….it would be an honor to be mommy to your baby!”  Mama R thanked me what felt like a 100 times while I was in a state of shock at what just took place less than 5 minutes after receiving a text that just said, “ASAP”.  There are not words to really describe this moment other than complete shock and overwhelming JOY!17005875_10154170292702687_1299221452_n

Mama R asked for a picture reacting to the match, and this is one of a few that we sent!

We are obviously ecstatic beyond what words can express!!!!!!!

A match on January 20th!  Only (nearly) 2 months of being ACTIVE (February o2 would have been 2 months)…49 days of hearing situations, praying, presenting, being told no, and praying lots more.

We were presented with 20+ situations, we presented our profile to about 10-15 of these situations, and we were told no by all…..that was until the call on January 20th from Mama R.  Watching families being chosen during that time for mamas and babies that we felt were the “perfect” situations was HARD! That word does not nearly do justice to that part of the journey.  Adoption is messy and we are still feeling that mess.  Though it be messy, and though the heart experiences many highs and lows through the journey, there is great joy in seeing Jesus so much clearer.  There is joy in praying for each and every Mama, there is joy in connecting with the community of adoptees, there is joy in experiencing those around us love us and our future family, there is JOY!


So, here we are, a little over a month of being matched and I have been trying to write this post for over a week.  It is hard. There is so much vulnerability that makes it so hard.  As everyone knows, well I think everyone knows, a match does not make everything a go. Nothing in adoption is 100% until rights are signed and it is legalized.  This is why this is hard to share.  Yes, we are excited. Yes, we want to shout it from the rooftops. BUT, the possibilities make my heart ache in a way that it did not know possible.  We already love this little Sprout so much and we know very little.

What we do know:

*Little Sprout is Due May 03, 2017 (ON MY BIRTHDAY) oh my heart
*Mama R lives in Florida, so we are able to drive (answered prayer)
*This is not Mama R’s first baby

Last week, when I began writing this post, we got heavy news from Mama R’s social worker.  Our hearts broke over this situation and though the situation is improving it’s still difficult and Mama R is still right in the middle of the emotions of it all.  Last week, she was supposed to have a pre-natal appointment where we were hoping for some more information about little Sprout but it had to be canceled due to all of this going on, understandably.  We have grown, in a very short period of time, to love Mama R deeply.  We hurt for her and ask that you join us in praying for peace and comfort during this time. Of the almost 5 weeks of being matched, a little over 2 weeks have been silent as Mama R has asked for space as she works through her emotions.

Y,all, we love Mama R and we want her to do what is absolutely best for her, but this has been the longest and hardest 2+ weeks of this journey.  Unless you have gone through this process, I don’t believe there is a way to understand the love we have for this Mama and baby and the separation we feel from the silence.  God has been so faithful in His comfort and peace and through family and friends that surround us, including the adoption community that we have grown to love dearly!  We are praying for an update this week as Mama R’s social worker is planning on meeting/speaking with her this week.  We do know that Mama R is still on board 100% with the adoption plan but her heart is hurting and for that we would love if you would join us in praying.


How can you help? Most importantly we need you to pray! Pray for Mama R and little sprout.  Pray for our continued faith and love. Pray for adopting families that we are in community with now. This journey is hard for adopters and more importantly for all of the tummy mamas (birth moms).  This process is a lot on the heart but oh so VERY worth it!

We are also still raising funds to bring Little Sprout Remy home!  We were given a VERY GENEROUS loan from family to be able to make the match official! So many of you guys have also graciously given through fundraisers up to this point and generous giving that has gotten us to this point in the adoption and we cannot thank you guys enough! We have truly been blessed to this point! Shirt sales are still happening and we are working on putting together an online auction so stay tuned!

After the blessing from family and friends to cover the amount we needed to get this far and make the match possible, we are still needing to get together a little over $20,000!  We are putting monies aside, getting creative, and praying hard! We know God did not set this fire for adoption in our hearts only to have funding hold us back!  God has provided and continues to bless beyond understanding! If you feel called to give toward our adoption, please go to our Pure Charity page where you can donate and all money given goes directly to the agency we are matched with, Family Creations.  If you are wanting to give in a different way, we can do Venmo, PayPal, Cash/Checks (just ask/let us know).  We are doing a fundraiser to help raise this amount that you can get more information about HERE.  This fundraiser is set up to be able to give $1 to a max of $200….making it possible for everyone to be able to contribute to bringing home Baby Sprout Remy!

We are so thankful for you all and appreciate the constant love and support!


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