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Baby Remy Adoption Auction

Hi friends and family!!
We are looking for business owners/individuals/creative minds to help us by donating to our adoption auction! Our goal is to get to 100+ items!! We are putting our heads together with locals and people across the states to help us raise the remaining $20,000 we need to bring Baby Remy home!
Please let me know if you or someone you know would be interested in donating! We would love your support ❤
Tag a friend or two that might want to donate their creative abilities, whether that be sign making, jewelry, clothing, photography, tickets, etc. We are open to adding anything to the auction to help out!
Auction will be held April 28-30 so only a couple of weeks to “gather” the donations!
Please share and tag your family and friendsremy-14 copy_Fotor.jpg!
You can find the auction page on instagram: @babyremyadoptionauction
You can follow our journey on instagram and our website: @brandonandbrittanyadopt and

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