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A Birthday Wish



In an hour the clock will strike 12am and it will be my 28th birthday!!

Want to know my birthday wish?? They say not to share, as it won’t come true, but Im sharing!!!  My birthday wish is to see all $20,000 raised by tomorrow so that this match is smooth with no hiccups! 24 hours is not a lot of time for his crazy amount but keep reading because what is crazy for us is easy peasy for the God we serve!

Let me tell you though, the tears have been flowing in this house because of the outpouring of love tonight!

Since 10am we have raised $13,700!!!!!!  You guys!!!! Let me repeat $13,700!!! That means only a mere $6,300 to meet that $20,000 goal! You can give at PureCharity, just click to open page, or you can VENMO!!

So much of this has been a GOD story and I cannot wait to share it, hopefully tomorrow.  There are still more people giving and we are blown away and so thankful!! Keep sharing and praying! If you feel the tug on your heart to give, give! It means giving a sweet baby a home and allowing us to be parents!

This community is absolutely the best and I KNOW this birthday is going to be my best one yet!

Think of it as giving the BEST GIFT ever for a birthday! Help make my birthday wish come true!!

Lots of love and thankfulness!!!

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