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Best Birthday YET

Ever felt completely poured out? Depleted? That’s Brandon and I right now.  We are drained, BUT in the absolute best way ever!!!!!!


On May 03, 2017 (my birthday!!!) we said yes to a Mama that has so dearly been on our hearts.  That sweet belly mama that chose us for her perfect little miracle that you guys have been praying for finally got her final yes from us!! We were able to give that yes yesterday because of each of you guys and God working through you!! We said yes!!

Baby is DUE June 23

We set out with a goal of $20,000 Tuesday morning to be able to give that yes!  Y’all, in just a little over 24 hours you guys were a part of a miracle!!! You may not believe that, but I absolutely do!! In just over 24 hours you guys helped us raise $18,900.


Yes, we are shy of the $20,000 goal but we are certainly blown away that we got this close this quickly!!! Being able to say yes is due to each and every prayer, donation, and share!  You guys have blessed us more than we can put into words!  We have more to raise as the match fees are $23,600.  We believe that God has that $4,700 coming! If He can put on people’s hearts nearly $19,000 in that amount of time, we know that He can make less that $5,000 happen over the next few days! Because you got us so close, the agency has allowed us a few extra days to pull the rest together! Now thats a blessing!!!! Will you believe with us that this will come together?  Will you continue to pray over this amount and that it will come in?


We cannot wait to share stories with you around the fundraising and the God-moments that were all over the place in the last 48 hours!  God has changed our hearts forever because of this community and we could not be more grateful!

Please continue praying, sharing our story, and giving/fundraising on this behalf! This is only the beginning of a long journey of funding to pull together….well, guess we only have 7 weeks, but 7 weeks to raise the remainder of the $43,000!!  We don’t worry, we know God has this!

Thank you for being a VITAL part of this journey with us!


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