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Too close to say no

Im sitting in the nursery right now reflecting on the goodness and faithfulness of God!


Even when my doubt was big and my faith so very small, He worked.  Of course He did.  Doesn’t He always?  When I got the call last Tuesday morning, May 02, that Mama C had chosen us, I told Courtney no way could be pull the money together.  I mean really, after losing $13,000 just over a month before, how could be possibly get this agency $23,645  in 24 hours?  No way.  I texted Brandon and let him know I told Courtney to inform the agency to let the mother know to choose someone else…..

Well, you know what?  Brandon’s faith was a bit bigger than mine in that moment.  He immediately called Courtney to let her know that we were going to try.  We were going to give God the chance to show up and show off.  And as you have all seen, He has shown up through you guys! Your prayers and your gifts have pointed to what only Jesus could do.  I wish I could share every story that this journey has given us that has only made our certainty of this adoption that much stronger.  As the weeks, months, and years go by it its my desire to share the stories with you all that we will look back on and also be able to tell Baby Sprout just how much love people showered on us/them during this journey!

As you, we came so close to that $20,000 goal of the $23,645 total we have to match.  Yes, we have officially said yes to the match, but we have not been able to provide the financial side to officially be official!! The agency was so kind to give us an extension as they saw how fast money was coming in and they have been believing BIG things for us as well.  So, we are not done!!! We have $5,133.98 to go to become officially official!!

That’s it guys….just over $5,100 to make sure that there is no way we have to say no come Monday afternoon to the agency that is matching us with Mama C!  Mama C chose us… could we possibly say no to her!  We know this can be done! We are putting our heads together to pull funds together from anywhere we can to help this amount, but we cannot do this alone!


  • Share. Share. Share.
    • What outlets do you have that we may not think of or have access too?  Would you be willing to share our story with family and friends outright through a text, call, or private message? Would you share our blog so others can read our story and let their hearts be moved as God so chooses?  Help us get the word out!
  • Pray.
    • We are storming the throne room with boldness asking God to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine. Would you join us in asking God to do what only He can do?  Would you ask that hearts be moved for the cause of adoption?
  • Give.
    • So many of you guys have given and goodness are we so appreciative and blown away by your generosity!  If you haven’t given, would you consider giving? Do you have $5, $10, $100, $1000???  There is not a gift to small, as we have witnessed God truly multiply what has been given and set aside!
      • Give on PureCharity …. all gifts are tax deductible
      • Give via Venmo … secure and safe, you can find me under Brittany Remy
      • Give via PayPal … secure and safe, search


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