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We got together today with family to reveal the sex of the sweet baby you guys have so kindly been praying for!  We know this is a “dangerous” thing for adopting families, as no adoption is guaranteed, and boy do we know this after already having a failed match just over a month ago.


Our family decided to come along side us and love so BIG and WELL no matter the chance of heartache.  They are praying alongside us, just as you all are for this little Sprout.  We are joyous to know that others are willing to love no matter what!


While our family has been gathered (don’t worry Im going to share the gender with you all in the end of the post, stay with me!!), we put out on our social medias the amount needed to officially make the match official!  As most of you know, we have said yes, but the monies have not been given to the agency, as the agency gave us more time to get what is needed together.  We posted this morning the need still for just over $5,100 and as we sit right now, in this moment, we are only in need of just over $3,200!! WOW just WOW!! Nearly $2,000 because you guys have shared, shared, and then shared some more and because of everyone’s generosity! We are just in awe of the work that has been done through you guys! Keep sharing and keep giving as you feel lead.  We are so so close!!


Here is a little clip from today’s festivities! Enjoy and celebrate with us!!!


Baby Sprout will be sporting pinks and bows!!! Thanks for all of the continued love and support!

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