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168 Hours Later

7 Days. One week. 168 Hours.

This is the amount of time it has been since we informed you all that Urgency is Our Game.  We made a plea for you guys to share our story, pray fervently, and to give!  We were given 24 hours to get a little over $23,000 dollars together for the match with Mama C.  24 Hours.  That seemed impossible BUT you guys got on your knees for us, you shared our story, and blessed us through such sacrificial giving!  In 24 hours we saw over $14,000 given toward bringing home Baby Girl.  It was not the $20,000 we made a plea for but let me tell you, we were only expecting a few thousand to trickle in, if we were that “lucky”. Oh man did God convict our hearts of our little faith!  Because the money was coming in, the agency that the match is with allowed us more time to try and get the money together.  We kept updating you all and we kept praying and you all SHOWED UP BIG TIME!!!!

As of today, right now, we have raised exactly $25,922!!! Y’all I cannot even type that number while being able to see! The tears are flowing! Did you read that??


Almost $26,000 in a week’s time!  You guys have blessed our hearts tremendously and have allowed us to officially match with Mama C.  Nearly $3,000 already raised toward the remaining $20,000 due at birth!  In one week God has worked a miracle through you guys and we have been privileged with the ability to say yes to being Mommy and Daddy to Mama C for her little Baby Girl.  Amazing.  Just amazing.  This is just the beginning of our journey with this match but we are so honored to have been a part of it with each of you.  We could not have said yes to this Baby Girl without each prayer, share, and gift!!

Thank you from the depths of our hearts!!

Keep praying, keep sharing our story, including this post, as many of YOUR friends and family that have been praying, sharing, and giving as well might not see it otherwise!  We love you guys with a love we cannot even begin to explain and we are praying over you guys and your families!  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

PS:  There is a fun project we worked on last night coming soon, so keep up with us!  We cannot wait to share!! 10421303_10154025615376810_5098182530183185996_n

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