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And Just Like That…

…our plans went splat and we look to God in astonishment yet again!

18342500_10154362791442687_3369617899137335901_nLets start at the very beginning but please stick with me to the end for all the news of where we are!

Yesterday we received a call from Rachel from the agency that we are matched with in Utah… this call is exactly what we were needing.  We have been sitting anxiously awaiting more information on Mama C and her family and the sweet baby girl she is carrying.  This call brought so much peace to our longing hearts!

We cannot share Mama C’s life, as it is not our story to share, but hers, and we want to honor her and her family in that.  Just know we love her dearly and are praying for her and her sweet family and pray that you will join us in those prayers.  So about that call other than Mama C’s story…Rachel mentioned Mama’s scheduled c-section on June 12th…if you remember, Mama was not due according to everything we have known until June 23rd.  What a surprise!! Baby girl would be coming sooner than we thought!

Well, today, to our surprise, we got another call from Rachel letting us know that she had called to confirm with the doctor that Mama C was indeed scheduled for a c-section on June 12th.  Rachel informed us that the doctor said that information was incorrect.  She was not scheduled for June 12th, but not on June 23rd either.

Mama C is scheduled rather for a c-section on June 7th!

Y’all, that sweet baby girl in Birth Mama C’s belly is meeting the world on June 7th!!! Thats just 2 weeks and 6 days from today!  Our timeline has been crunched down by just over 2 weeks!  We are ecstatic beyond what these measly words can express!

What does this mean for us now?

 We are scrambling to get things ready just like any expectant parent.  We are praying for an overwhelming peace as this part of the adoption journey is scary and unsure.  Would you pray for our hearts to be prepared? There is much excitement that is met with just as much fear.  We pray for God’s will to be perfectly done over the next few weeks.

We ask that you pray as we continue to move forward with financing the remainder of the adoption.  We are still in shock and awe over the nearly $25,000 raised just a couple of weeks ago by all of you guys!  That amount still seems so surreal.  That love for this little girl still feels so surreal!  But now we are now needing to put together about $18,000 to finalize this baby girl coming home as a Remy.  This amount does not even cover our travel and stay in Utah so we are hitting our knees and brainstorming along with family and friends.  We know God already has it all worked out but we are not seeing that plan quite yet!  We have just about 3 weeks and we are believing and trusting God to do BIG things!

If you would please join us in praying.  Please join us in sharing our story.  Please join us by giving us quick fundraiser ideas/people to partner with for a fundraiser.  Please consider giving, if you haven’t already.  God has a mighty story ahead of this little girl and we are already seeing it unfold! What a blessing!  Would you continue to be a part of that story?

If you would like to give you can do so at:

YouCaring: this is the direct link to the new fundraising site 

PayPal: search

Venmo: search Brandon Remy

We are forever grateful for you guys!!  Theres a baby girl coming soon!!


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