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Sweet Miracles

YOU GUYS!!!! We will have our feet on Utah soil in less than a week. Baby girl is due a week from today.  God-willing, we will get to meet precious Mama C and her family next Tuesday! We will FINALLY get to hug her neck and love the mess out of her!  We have prayed so fervently for this mama as have you guys and we are so close to being able to put a family to those sweet prayers! I cannot even wrap my mind around all of the goodness and the heartache that is happening on both sides of this story! We just know that God is so so good!

In the past month we have surely seen God work miracles.  When it comes to adoption, there is nothing in our power.  We have seen answered prayers over and over again!!

Here are just a few of those miracles:

  • A quick match after the failed match!!!
  • Over $20,000 raised in less than a week to make this match possible!!! What??!!
  • Donated miles for flights — FLIGHTS are 100% taken care of!!!!
  • Donated house for while in Utah by a local church — Boarding taken care of!!!
  • A sweet company @little_ellarae is donating 20% of sales to our adoption!!! Go find her on instagram and buy a couple cute bows for those princesses in your life. You will surely bless us!

This is just a glimpse at the answered prayers! We have prayed so specifically for many things and seen those come to fruition or be in the process of coming through! It has been a tear-fest over here of gratitude! We will share more details of these specific prayers once baby girl is ours.  Right now, those specific prayers belong to Mama C and her hubs. We just love them and that sweet baby girl she is carrying so much!

A Fun Thing to Share

I told you all we have a SURPRISE!!!!!

A few weeks ago our brother-in-law, Chandler, shot a little video of our story to put our voices, our emotions, our home into our story! We want to share this with you.  The wording is far from perfect…the emotions are raw and the conversation is as well….as you will see. We are awkward, well, I am awkward, but we made it through and Chandler made it seamless.  We wanted to just give you guys a better portrayal of who we are!! Thanks so much Chandler for your great work on putting this together to get our story out!

1 Week: Call to Action

We are a week out.  A week out from needing the remainder of the $43,500 that this adoption costs.  God has done so so very much with little! We have seen Him multiply over and over again, especially with this match! We are not done yet, so we know He is not done yet! If you missed the post on the cost breakdown you can find it HERE.

As we sit right now, to be able to sign in a week we need to gather around $18,000.  This is no small number.  This is no small task.  We are brainstorming, as are others on our behalf, such as @little_ellarae by helping by donating 20% of her sales today!!!  God has this though. We believe this. We believe He will pull this off and we will only sit amazed!

Please continue to PRAY. Please continue to SHARE

If you are able to GIVE you can do so on our YouCaring Site, via PayPal (, or via Venmo (brittany remy).

We just love you guys and sit in awe of the outpouring of love from you all!!!


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