Crunch Time

We are officially in our Crunch Time: less than 72 hours ’til baby girl is born!

The flights are booked (Tuesday morning at 8:10am) :: The boarding is prepared (Syracuse, Utah) :: The rental car is reserved (might be driving a tiny car, but hey…)

We are in full on prep mode!! We are cleaning the house, getting paperwork organized and ready, packing (and repacking) suitcases, washing clothes and baby items…and the list never ends, but its a list we are happy to take care of!!!!

Where we are with funding and how you can help…

Just yesterday we received a grant for $2,560 from Chosen For Life Ministries.  What a HUGE blessing!

In just a few days (y’all, a FEW days!!!!), when rights are ready to be turned over from the birth parents to us, we have to be able to pay the remaining balance of the adoption to the agency!! That remaining amount is $21,000.  Woah!


…we are already well on our way!! Right around $6,200 has been given toward that amount, leaving us needing in the ballpark of $14,800 to be able to sign in about 72 hours to be granted the “right” to become the guardians of that precious little girl!  We know God already knows this amount and is moving to make this amount happen in this timeframe.  We cannot do this without each of you (literally).


You can catch our recent video and have the opportunity to help by giving over at our

YouCaring page

Share our YouCaring page for us!! This is BIG!! Sharing helps so so much. You never know whose heart our story might touch and whose heart God may touch to help….just click the link above, and you will be able to share the page easily with your friends and family once there. Check it out!!!

You can give via Venmo or PayPal as well!! Whatever is easiest for you!

We NEED your help!!

Wednesday morning will be here before we know it and we do not want to have to stand before the social worker and say that we do not have the funds to sign.  We are still working on getting funds together but we need you!!! Keep praying! We are seeing those prayers answered and we are feeling those prayers all around us!!!

We love you guys from the depths of our hearts for loving this little girl so much already!

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 11.07.10 AM


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