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Power of Prayer

You guys have just blessed us so much!  We do not have an update on Baby Girl yet for you guys but hopefully soon and very soon!!


While we have been waiting, you guys have continued to just amaze us with you love and generosity!

Since Monday, you guys have pulled together just over $800 toward that remaining $5,000 (take a peak at the last post if you missed it) we need to be able to sign (praying that tomorrow will be the day!!)! Amazing. When we landed in Utah on Monday morning, we got notifications of people that had given while we were in the air, and the giving has continued right into today as well.  Y’all, if my tear ducts still work after how many tears of awe and joy have been shed in the past month, I will be astounded!

In the above mentioned video, we said we would reveal letters of her chosen name as monies were raised, so…..

You can all begin praying for baby girl E!  

Continue to pray for Mama C and Daddy T and their sweet children as this is a tough week. Continue to pray for us. We are overwhelmed by all of the love and encouragement and thank you from the depths of our hearts….even though that is not nearly enough.

Please keep sharing our story, and if you are able or willing check out (click the link) our YouCaring page (if you haven’t seen yet, our video story is there) and share this link with your friends and family to allow them to be a part of this God story as well. We just sit in awe tonight of all that has been, all that is, and all that will be.

With all of our love,


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