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Letter #2 and Update

We are here. We are right in the thick of it. Adoption is beautiful and hard. We can tell you baby girl is here but that’s it. Hopefully soon and very soon we will have more to share! 

In the last 24 hours more of you have blessed us financially to be better prepared to sign when the time comes. In 24 hours more than $800 has been given to help us be that much closer to signing! 

So, with that amount, we are able to give you another letter….keep praying for baby girl E-L

With that amount we are now only about $3,500 away from being 100% ready to sign!!! 

From needing $43,500 to now only needing $3,500….all due to you guys so sacrificially giving, interest free loans, and grants!!! What a HUGE God story we have witnessed! Only $3,500! Whoah!! 

As we continue to wait, would you share this? Would you continue to pray? Thank you for allowing our story to be a part of your story!!

We love you all dearly,


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