Meet Us


We are Brandon and Brittany and we are from the muggy southern state of Georgia.  We were friends, dated for a season, were engaged for a short while, and then married in December 2013.  After a few moves, we have settled just north of our beloved city of Atlanta.  Brandon is a a youth pastor at a transitioning church, while also working for a baseball “one-stop-shop” (since Im not sure what exactly to call it). I (Brittany) currently work for a non profit, helping disabled and people with other barriers find employment and receive vocational help.

We absolutely love the outdoors. Most weekends, you can find us at a park, the lake or river, in different downtown areas (big and small), a baseball game, or any other adventure we can get ourselves into with family and friends. We love traveling and try and take advantage of getting away every couple of months, if even for a weekend, to explore new cities and people. We have a soft spot for ice cream and always do our best to find local creameries where we can delve into the rich, delicious, goodness. Hosting is our sweet spot! We bought our home, with the layout in mind, because we wanted to make sure to have the best set up possible for having friends and family over and often! We love to cookout, throw potlucks, and have themed dinners that we can enjoy with those that we love so much. Most of these nights turn into game nights where many tears come from the amount of laughter over board games, corn hole, card games, etc. We love to live a happy life surrounded by family and friends.


My name is Brandon and I work as a youth pastor at a Baptist church and I also work at the largest supplier of all things baseball. I am passionate about Jesus and baseball, especially the Atlanta Braves! Being outside is my refuge. Any time I can be on the lake, at a campsite, or on the river, is a blessed day. I enjoy spending time with friends and family and learning new things, currently attempting to master the guitar. I try and keep life interesting the best I can.

My heart to adopt started through my first trip to an orphanage in Honduras. Having to leave those children after my time there has always been a reminder of why adoption is so important. Every child deserves to be loved unconditionally by a family that they can call their own. Meeting and falling in love with Brittany’s heart for adoption only strengthened my desire to grow my future family in this way. Adoption, I know, is part of my story. My hope is to be in full time ministry, possibly even a pastor if God so calls me to it. I love the power of the local church and the affect that it has on the local community when it is healthy and empowered by the Holy Spirit. I am pursuing my degree through seminary to continue to grow in my knowledge and wisdom so that the Lord can better use me as He sees fit.

A little about Brandon via Brittany:

Brandon is the sweetest, most loving, genuine, and hard-working husband. He loves me so selflessly and goes out of his way daily to make sure I feel and know that I am loved, not only by him, but by the Father. He pursues me with everything that is within him, often to point of his own exhaustion. I love how he puts my feelings, my desires, and my dreams before his own every time. He strives to outdo me in love and honor every single day and I am truly in awe of the man God allowed me to marry! What a stinking blessing he is to me. I love his quirks, his love for sports and random knowledge, his humor (that is probably only really funny to me), and his willingness to pose for any picture that I want to snap at any given moment (no matter how embarrassing). Brandon is going to make the best daddy! He loves so genuinely! He is not afraid to be silly and be seen being a complete clown all for the happiness and smile of another. He is firm in his expectations for respect but gentle with his grace and forgiveness. He pours 100% of himself out for the sake of another, which I know will extend to his children. He speaks of his future children with so much excitement and expectation for the role that he gets to have in being their daddy!


My name is Brittany and I work a job I adore working with those with disabilities and other barriers to employment. It has certainly become part of my heart beat.  I love to be outside, especially if I am getting to explore a new city, a new trail, a new view. Many weekends are spent with our families and friends going to the lake, to the park, the pool, a sporting event, or the theatre. Our faith family is so important to us, so we weekly gather with them and their children to nourish those relationships and have fun and dive into what we believe and why we believe. We challenge each other to live according to what we learn and to grow more in love each and every week. We love to travel and vacation and try to fit in at least a short weekend getaway every couple of months. A new perspective is always nice away from the hustle and bustle of daily living.

Since the beginning of high school I have gone on short-term mission trips with my church and I knew from early on that my mission in life, my calling, was to care for the least of these, to extend the love I have to those that are in need of it. Being a mommy has always been a part of my heart, and children in need of families has been the heartbeat. When I was dating Brandon and children came up, and he immediately mentioned wanting to adopt, I knew then, that God would grow our family through the beautiful story of adoption. Adoption is our first choice in having a family and we know our lives will be blessed all the more through it.

A little about Brittany via Brandon:

Brittany is the most amazing woman I have ever encountered in my life. Her life exudes love, patience, kindness, and gentleness. Just sitting across from her and seeing her smile is enough to make a day better. She is personable and so easy to get to know on deeper levels. Her life is lived to honor and love other people and one of her main drives in life is to take care of others and make sure they feel loved and thought of. There has always been one constant in her life and that is her desire to be a mommy. Her hobbies and passions might change but being a wife to me and a mommy to our future children has always been her end goal. Watching her grow spiritually and mentally through this process has been a joy for myself. Every day we get closer to being able to bring home a precious child and her smile gets bigger and bigger with each passing day. When it comes to my wife being a mommy there are a few things that I know: her joy for life will bring an infectious joy to our family, she will be a steadfast rock for our family, and you can bet your bottom dollar there will never be a dull moment when she is around.